Milwaukee, WI Homage-A Celebration (Celia Farran Teams up with Holly Haebig for a few songs)

 — (CDT, UTC-05) — (CDT, UTC-05)

The Jazz Gallery, 926 E Center ST, Milwaukee, WI 53212

A FREE community performance event featuring musicians, poets, storytellers and more in association with the current art exhibit “Homage” that invites the viewer to remember, reflect and renew our hopes for the future. Whether in recent months or decades long past, we have lost many loved ones, both individually and as members of our broader communities. But it is also springtime, a time to look to the future — in this case, by celebrating, honoring and remembering those who have come before and who have made the world a better place. The exhibition “Homage: Honoring Those Who Have Come Before,” presents the work of established and emerging Milwaukee-area artists. The works range from the highly personal to reflections encompassing historical and ancestral themes